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by ben336
Mostly pre-es6, but this is my favorite "intermediate -> advanced" JavaScript book:

There are gaps/things that have changed since the book came out, but this is a really great resource for understanding the core JS language.

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by sirgawain33
I highly recommend this road as well.

Three exercises along the lines of the parent that I found particularly valuable:

1. Compare VanillaJS TodoMVC to your framework of choice

What does the framework buy you? Is the framework-powered code easier to read? Easier to understand for a newcomer to the code base?

2. Read every line of Effective Javascript (it's short and eminently practical) and write out every code example.

There are about a dozen small errors in the code in the book, see if you can find them.

3. Read substack's alternative Javascript build flow:

Think about the possibilities and limitations. (I personally love his approach at the beginning of projects when I could care less about fiddling with gulp and want to get into exploring the guts of a problem)

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by tgriesser
"The Good Parts" is still a good one, but my recommendation these days now goes to Effective Javascript:

Outside of books, is another good resource to recommend.

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by a3n

Your invocation of Effective Java made me look for Effective Javascript, and it does exist. Amazon users give it five stars:

Can anyone comment on how well this books fulfills the expectations implicit in a book calling itself "Effective X?" Or just how effective the book is with respect to accepted javascript practice?

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by teleclimber
To the people who wish they could answer that question with confidence, I recommend getting this book:

Just got it and I feel like it clarified so many things about Javascript that I didn't have down cold as a self-taught pragmatist.

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