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by rrdharan
Many reasonable people seem to believe that the backlash and horror inm response to the US government killing of Arthur Andersen and the subsequent job losses were what led to the later toothless reactions by the DoJ to subsequent corporate scandals:

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by Naga
There is a good book on this subject that just came out: The Chickenshit Club by Jesse Eisinger ( It's about the culture inside the SEC and Justice Department and their motivations over the last thirty or so years.
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by jgalt212
it blows my mind that basically any financial crime committed by a big shop results in a fine (and more regulation/compliance) instead of jail time for the bad actors.

of course, if the crime is committed by a penny ante fraudster, then the DOJ is not afraid to put them in jail.

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by jgalt212
Yes, but even when the Dems were running DOJ, they did not go after corporate executives.

new book on this by Pro Publica reporter:

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