What is Hacker News Books?

I am an avid reader of Hacker News and often come across really high-quality discussions from the community. So I figured the books people discuss must be quite good as well and built Hacker News Books, which aggregates the top books found in comments and ranks them on a weekly basis. And to keep myself and visitors up-to-date added a newsletter. The website is sustained via referrals from Amazon book links.

How is it done?

All links to Amazon, Safaribooks and O'Reilly get extracted once a week from Hacker News posts, make sure they are indeed books and then rank them based on how often they are mentioned and the karma of the user. So books mentioned several times by different people, having high karma will make it to the top.

Get in touch

Drop an email to hello [at] hackernewsbooks [dot] com

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