Interview with Ray Grieselhuber, Founder & CEO of DemandSphere

  I started my company, DemandSphere (originally named GinzaMetrics), because I was an engineer frustrated with the wall separating me and the businesses who needed good technology to help them solve their problems. At my last job, I had to deal with layers of sales people and product managers when I really just wanted to talk to customers directly and solve their problems. I think this is a theme for a lot of hacker-founded SaaS companies.

Today we have customers all over the world and we punch way above our weight when we go against large VC-funded competitors.

Books Recommended

I always recommend this book first because it set the course of my life at a young age. But it’s also one of the best books to learn about Japanese history, political intrigue, and fascinating character development.
I somehow came across this book when I was about 18 and it had a huge impact on me. The one weird trick that he teaches is how to fool your brain into helping you achieve your goals - automatically.
Definitely one of the books I recommend to anyone looking to build strong mental habits and outlook.
Miyamoto Musashi is a man I have learned a lot from and still do. I have always been fascinated by the practice of taking esoteric knowledge hard won through experience and handing it down in a well-organized book of scrolls. That is the Book of Five Rings.
The most important thing you can do in your daily life is cultivate energy. A powerful diet and lifting iron are two of the most important ways to do that. This book lays the foundation for a successful diet.

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