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ekianjo · 2019-12-07 · Original thread
Here's one but there are surely others (many entrepreneurship failures examples in this book, although they don't always go into great details):
Reedx · 2019-06-29 · Original thread
I'm this way as well and for the longest time was worried I was handicapping myself.

Until I read "How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big"[1] which makes the strongest argument I've seen for having a "talent stack" and combining skills that aren't typically combined. Each skill increases your odds and essentially this boils down to Good + Good > Excellent. You can leverage a combination of average skills to great effect.

The author describes himself as mediocre at art, decent at writing a joke and having business experience... not that noteworthy in and of themselves, but mixed together resulted in Dilbert.


dceddia · 2018-02-23 · Original thread
I think that's one way, but not the only way. A single specific rare and valuable skill ("software engineering") can make you stand out, but a bundle of related or even unrelated skills can be even better (software engineering + design + business skill + good writer).

Scott Adams talks about combining skills like that in his book How to Fail at Almost Everything And Still Win Big [0]. He talks about his own combination of skills being "funnier than average" and "decent at drawing". I thought it was a good read. His talk of systems vs goals was also very worthwhile.


nlawalker · 2017-01-22 · Original thread
And a book! _How to Fail at Everything and Still Win Big_ [1]. It's an easy, mostly funny read, with "discipline > motivation" at the center of it.


sergiotapia · 2016-10-27 · Original thread
His book is really interesting and an easy read. I guess it pays off to write things as simple as possible.

The one thing to take away from this election is that persuasion trumps everything else. It's scary and crazy!

andersthue · 2016-08-23 · Original thread
Read this book it's all about how to build a succesful future version of yourself.
douche · 2016-06-30 · Original thread
I've not seen better advice than in Scott Adams' How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big[1]


hvd · 2015-12-28 · Original thread
go read

This is a book written by Scott Adams of Dilbert fame, he has failed at more things than you can imagine. You are unique, divine. So hang in there. Start off with eating right and exercise to get increase your energy. Then follow your curiosity. You will be surprised what you are capable of. Take a course on Coursera, it could be anything. Then build upon that to propel forward.

daphneokeefe · 2014-01-20 · Original thread
This point is made very well in the book How To Fail At Almost Everything by Scott Adams of Dilbert fame, an excellent read
TeMPOraL · 2013-12-24 · Original thread
That's my worry too.

Since you mentioned the latest book by Scott Adams, it's called "How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life" [0]. I read it recently and I think it's a good book. It has some nonobvious ideas, like systems thinking vs. goal-oriented thinking.

[0] -

hvd · 2013-12-21 · Original thread
How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life. This is Scott adams take on being successful.

Choose yourself is a similar themed book.

Best 16$ spent in 2013.

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