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ankyth27 · 2018-02-08 · Original thread
Here are some: 1) Don't make me think twice: 2) 100 things every designer must know: 3) Design of everyday things:

While UI/UX is more of a field where you get better by practice and observation, yet these books can surely help you build a solid foundation.

jchendy · 2015-05-04 · Original thread
For people who want to keep learning about this stuff, this book has some similar information in easily-digestible chunks:
fcardinaux · 2012-12-27 · Original thread
100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People - Susan Weinschenk. This is the book from which I learned the most this year. It provides the reader with 100 applicable and up to date insights into human psychology: how people see, read, think, decide, etc. Very useful and well organized.

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