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mooreds · 2019-03-06 · Original thread
If you are interested in this kind of history, you might be interested in this book:

1177 B.C.: The Year Civilization Collapsed

Which looks at the cosmopolitan trading civilizations of the Eastern Mediterranean during the 1400-1177 bc era, and how it collapsed.

douche · 2017-02-17 · Original thread
There were pretty extensive trading networks in the late Bronze Age[1]. I'm not sure what the accepted timeframe for the Trojan War is now, whether it is in that late bronze age period or has been pushed up into the following dark age, but it does increasingly seem that voyages around Greece and the greater Mediterranean as in Homer would not be that unusual.


douche · 2016-09-04 · Original thread
Hell, they've found Chinese silk in Bronze-Age Egyptian tombs, and tin from Cornwall in Cyprus during the same era. The world has had global trading routes and communications since almost the first people settled down in agricultural villages, if not before. See 1177 B.C. The Year Civilization Collapsed[1] for a great illustration of this early interconnectedness.


cobbzilla · 2016-08-02 · Original thread
I recently read a really good book about the systems collapse that occurred towards the end of the Bronze Age. The book is "1177 BC: The Year Civilization Collapsed" [1]; it provides a vivid look into the ancient world, with some eerie parallels to our world today.

The Late Bronze Age was a fascinating time around the Mediterranean; there was extensive trade between Egypt, the Hittites, Minoans, Assyrians, Mitanni, and others; shades of "globalization" and a multi-cultural aesthetic had emerged, then it all came crashing down in the 12th century BCE.


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