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randcraw · 2023-06-02 · Original thread
"21st Century C" by Klemens (2014) fills that niche:
sumosudo · 2022-12-24 · Original thread
No doubt the best book on the subject of modern C

eu90h · 2016-07-28 · Original thread
I'd recommend Ben Klemens' excellent book "21st Century C - Tips from the New School" [0]. This book teaches you modern C techniques and, most importantly, the tooling that modern C programmers use (git, autotools, valgrind, etc.) It also covers commonly used libraries to help you from reinventing the wheel (GLib, POSIX standard, SQLite, libxml, & cURL.)

As mentioned in another post, David Hanson's "C Interfaces and Implementations - Techniques for Creating Reusable Software" [1] is a great book, stressing the design of good APIs. This book in particular might help you in your goal to become a better engineer.

On the free side, there's an excellent PDF by Jens Gustedt, "Modern C" [2]. I've not read the whole thing but it seems like an in-depth look at C11.

John Regehr's blog "Embedded in Academia" [3] is a good resource for C programming. You'll learn a lot about weird edge cases and undefined behavior. He also has a recent post about teaching C, with suggestions for resources [4].






kqr2 · 2013-07-15 · Original thread
I like to recommend C Interfaces & Implementations

It uses Donald Knuth's literate programming which takes getting used to, however, it's a great case study of how to make a good library.

There is a new book on "21st Century C" which I haven't read. It has mixed reviews, however.

acangiano · 2012-11-16 · Original thread
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