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Jasper_ · 2018-01-06 · Original thread
My two biggest shelf pulls are Real-Time Rendering [0] by Akeine-Moller, Haines and Hoffman. 3D Math Primer for Graphics and Games [1] by Dunn & Parberry

[0] [1]

I also read a ton of presentations and papers. Highly recommend the famous PBR SIGGRAPH course notes [0], especially the intro to light & physics by Naty Hoffman. GPU-Driven Rendering Pipelines [1] is another recent goodie.

[0] [1]

erikbye · 2017-10-26 · Original thread
Don't think there is any such book specifically for UE and its source. But there's a lot of good books on realtime rendering and graphics programming in general.

GPU Gems, Shader X and GPU Pro are good series for learning specific graphics programming techniques.

For a general game engine overview: Game Engine Architecture by Jason Gregory (Naughty Dog)

Game Programming Patterns:

Realtime rendering overview:

Related math:

Other recommendations:

It's fun to explore the source though, and NVIDIA has some cool experimental branches of the engine with their stuff integrated.

agentultra · 2015-05-20 · Original thread
I'm not gavin, but I like the style of and recommend it to anyone getting started. You don't need any more than high-school maths and some familiarity with programming in your language of choice (though the example code is in C++).

If you're just getting started and want a low-impact way to prototype things try WebGL! (I'm an unbiased WebGL contributor and user).

OpenGL seems to be the way to go on most platforms; DirectX is probably easier on Windows. There are libraries that take care of the platform-specific code for you if you don't want to write your own that are quite good: SDL2, glfw, etc.


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