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cabaalis · 2017-11-28 · Original thread
Allow me to recommend this book as well: 3D Math Primer for Graphics and Game Development

It helped me tremendously when I was into game development back in college. The math was always the biggest hangup for me. I'm in healthcare software now, so YMMV :)

agentultra · 2015-02-04 · Original thread
Awesome. Good for you. Keep at it. Keep a journal. Share with others what you learn. Learn from others when they share it.

I'd add a few of books to your list:

Graph Theory by W. T. Tufte:

On Numbers and Games by John H. Conway:

And for good re-introduction to geometry and it's practical application to computer graphics:

I think maths is amazing. It's a useful tool to have in one's arsenal regardless of your profession or walk in life. It's also not the sole domain of the highly educated elite. Anyone can do it.

It's not important to be "correct" all of the time so much as it is to be curious and willing to learn -- and willing to share.

Keep at it! There's so many cool things you can do as you learn more!

roel_v · 2010-07-08 · Original thread
Agree. Also, I liked this book: a lot, even if it's quite basic and not hardcore (i.e. many applied examples rather than formulas and proofs).

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