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> 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know

> Any programmer wishing to be a great programmer should read this!

This book is an assemblage of short papers running on themes as different as Bugs, Error Handling, Customers, Refactoring, and Expertise.

The motivation behind the short exposition isn't to address every one of your inquiries or be an authoritative manual for programming.

It's a wiki page, but it's also a book [1]. I have an actual paper copy, and I would highly recommend it. I've seen several of the authors give talks, most were good. Kevlin Henney (the Editor) was particularly so.

However I shall also treat the data from your deep experience with all due reverence.


This is the official site for an O'Reilly book that came out recently. The contents of the book can be found on this page:

Here's the book's Amazon page:

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