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jefe_ · 2020-03-14 · Original thread
Part one of this book really helped with my understanding of monetary policy, very clear examples of how the price of money is expressed through Exchange Rates, Interest Rates, and Aggregate Price Levels and the interplay between these measures:

Here is a PDF of a diagram I made to help organize my understanding of this content:

aklein · 2014-01-10 · Original thread
I think everyone should know some basic macroeconomics, which elaborates some of these points. I just finished [1] and it fundamentally changed how I think of wealth. I used to think only of current value, but the key insight is that assets derive value as claims on future output. Money is not only a medium of exchange, it's also a (temporary!) store of value, and a unit of account as well. It is a tool, but certainly not an end in itself.


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