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dvtrn · 2019-07-01 · Original thread
Not strictly limited to housing, but Vishaan Chakrabarti[1] speaks about urban development at large, and his book "Country of Cities"[2] is an engaging read.



saraid216 · 2014-05-29 · Original thread
I'd recommend Leon Krier's Architecture of Community if you want a better look at this: He gets somewhat repetitive and preachy, IMO, and I don't feel the book delivers on its promises, but it's a much more in-depth look at the ideas faintly alluded to in the article.

Differently, check out Vishaan Chakrabarti's A Country of Cities, which disagrees with Krier (and thus agrees with Wright) on the skyscraper: It suffers, IIRC, from not enough citations but is otherwise pretty strong on its argument.

I tend to lean towards agreeing with Chakrabarti and Wright more on the vertical space issue, largely because Krier never quite managed to form a coherent argument against density except that it was being done badly. Krier, on the other hand, highlights the idea of the poly-centric city which is at least a reality in Seattle (where I live).

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