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ShlomoS · 2019-08-06 · Original thread
>You don’t get to keep your wasteful jet-setting, SUV-driving, car-culture-oriented consumer lifestyle

I don't have that lifestyle, but the people telling me the world is going to end because of CO2 so I am evil for eating meat do though. Funny how that works.

>it is the obligation of wealthy countries to radically curtail their own use of fossil fuels

No it isn't. Why would we be responsible for the failures of others?

>This technology must then be exported to poorer countries on a free or subsidized basis.

We did not create their low standard of living, we are under no obligation to try to create a high standard of living for them, while being attacked for it. Africa could have a perfectly reasonable standard of living if they did not reproduce out of control, consuming all gains via increased population. There's a good book that discusses why "charity" and "aid" can not and will not ever fix the problems of the "developing" world:

yonran · 2019-03-27 · Original thread
Oops. I linked to some other book with a similar name. This is the correct book:
hga · 2010-09-28 · Original thread
This sort of cultural heritability is the foundation of the thesis of A Farewell to Alms ( ... which I should really get around to reading).
jdminhbg · 2010-04-28 · Original thread
Actually, that change took place well before the introduction of reliable birth control. See "A Farewell To Alms" for an account of the transition from resource-limited birth rates to the modern world:

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