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irchans · 2020-04-23 · Original thread
Maybe "A first course in Abstract Algebra" by Fraleigh available on Kindle for less than $10.

(It's not focused on Monoids. It also covers groups, rings, and fields from a mathematical point of view. It's written for an undergraduate math major with no prior experience in these areas.)

nandemo · 2019-08-01 · Original thread
My favourite abstract algebra textbook is Fraleigh's A First Course in Abstract Algebra. Unlike the article here, which just dumps you a bunch of definitions, the book introduces each structure with proper motivation. It's not a CS approach though. (the 1-star reviews apply to the Kindle version, not the contents. Just get the paperback and you'll be fine)

If you want a CS approach I suggest learning basic Haskell then tackling the fantastic Typeclassopedia. The downside is you'll be missing on structures/theorems that are super useful in math but not that useful in programming.

picomancer · 2013-10-21 · Original thread
Fraleigh's abstract algebra text [1]. Sipser's Introduction to the Theory of Computation [2] is also excellent, and possibly of special interest to HN.



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