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foogazi · 2021-12-20 · Original thread
> How do you deal with meltdowns?

Were any of the meltdowns justified?

CBT - not everything is awful.

> I'm talking about doing the bare minimum so that I don't cause myself and the people around me extra problems.

Good to do something about it but why settle for the bare minimum to fix your life?

> For the most part I have managed to keep this away from my (shitty) job so it has not affected my (dead in the water) career.

You have a job and a career - great!

You can always get another job (and career) if you want

> But it is taking a toll on my family relations and I hate me for that.

You protect your (shitty) job and (dead in the water) career because they can fire you, but you don’t protect your family ?

> No phychotherapy please. I won't go near their arrogance.

I recommend therapy - otherwise if you want to go self-help take a look at

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