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walterbell · 2014-06-27 · Original thread
A few books on computer / computing / internet history:

1953, Faster Than Thought, B.V. Bowden (British 1940s & 50s)

1984, The Home Computer Wars (Commodore, Atari, Apple)

1985, History of Computing Technology, Michael Williams (Abacus to IBM360)

1985, The Great Telecom Meltdown, Fred Goldstein (USA deregulation)

2001, The Universal History of Computing, Georges Ifrah (Egypt to 1970s)

2002, Electronic Brains (UK, US & Ukraine soon after WWII)

2008, Geeks Bearing Gifts, Ted Nelson (rants & factoids)

2010, Commodore, A Company on the Edge, Brian Bagnall (war stories from 6502 through C64, no Amiga)

2011, The Interface: IBM and the Transformation of Corporate Design, 1945–1976, John Harwood

beloch · 2012-03-18 · Original thread
When I was in undergrad my university offered an unusual course: "The History of Computing". The prof wrote the text for the course, but it was actually a pretty good book, unlike many prof written texts.

Zuse was given his due in this book (and the course).

A recommended read if you're interested in the foundations of computing. It's oriented much more towards early computation devices than the PC era. If you want the story of Jobs, look elsewhere.

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