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Tistel · 2019-09-18 · Original thread
This analog computer reminds me of a great book:

that talks about a similar computer at MIT. I find all the pre transistor computation really interesting. Shannon was doing some really early work on what was, at the time, thought of as AI. Putting a mouse through a maze with movable walls. All with just circuits, no CPU. The circuits were not fixed, they had some branching based on phone switch tech (IIRC).

dv_dt · 2019-04-23 · Original thread
This biography on Shannon gives some idea of what it was like in the heyday of Bell Labs. Flamethrowing trumpets are mentioned.

pstew · 2019-01-29 · Original thread
The biography they reference, "A Mind at Play: How Claude Shannon Invented the Information Age", is on sale in the Kindle store right now:
dangoldin · 2018-01-29 · Original thread
Just yesterday I finished up a biography of Claude Shannon that I recommend to anyone that ones to learn more. It briefly covers this as well as ton of his other "toys" -
anttipoi · 2018-01-12 · Original thread
Tip: Claude Shannon's new biography [] is an enjoyable read.
shady-lady · 2017-08-28 · Original thread
Waiting for kindle version to drop on Amazon UK (

How much do the rights actually cost? As in, is it feasible for me to purchase these rights and sell Kindle edition myself?

hvass · 2017-07-21 · Original thread
There's a new biography on him, A Mind at Play

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