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jll29 · 2021-05-21 · Original thread
Interesting topic.

I've recently started to re-connect with acquaintances around the globe via virtual coffee meetings (video calls), and with a steaming pot of hot liquid in tow (even decaf does the job, it's more about holding on to something steaming than caffeine for me) this can be quite contemplative. I try to do one such call per week, typically towards the end of the week, and often I manage, occasionally not when work is too crazy.

It's not as good as physical travel to see people, of course, but we all need to make the best of the current situation. (Speaking of travel, train rides and walking are great activities to foster contemplating - see also ).

BTW, stay safe, all!

saraid216 · 2014-05-01 · Original thread
Has anyone read Frederic Gros' "A Philosophy of Walking" ( I thought about picking it up yesterday, but I didn't do so and it'd be nice to hear some HN reviews.

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