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prithvi24 · 2020-06-15 · Original thread
This is super unfortunate, really sorry to hear about it

Robinhood, is like any tool, and can be used in a positive or negative way.

I've been telling my friends using Robinhood to check out

Commission free ETFs and blue chip stocks are great ways to start building wealth (especially for novice traders who are not interested in specific tax advantages). Everyone should really read the book before trading

jon_dahl · 2008-07-17 · Original thread
The first and best book on investing that you should read: A Random Walk Down Wall Street ( This book has great investing advice; is funny, interesting, and well-written; and clearly explains what's going on behind different investment approaches. In other words, it doesn't just answer the "what" question, it answers "why" and "how".

As for specific advice, investing isn't that difficult. The best approach is to be lazy: decide on an asset allocation (e.g. 50% US stocks, 30% international stocks, 20% bonds), buy index funds, and rebalance to these percentages every now and then. Vanguard ( is probably the most respected provider of index funds; give them a shot.

Check out David Swensen's lazy portfolio if you want something more advanced:

For investing discussion, try

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