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siraben · 2020-07-12 · Original thread
Is the naming inspired by Stroustrup's "A Tour of C++"? [0]


dgellow · 2019-07-29 · Original thread
A tour of C++, by B. Stroustrup. Short (~250pages) and accessible introduction to the language and libraries. The second edition has been updated for C++17 and some parts of C++20.

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C++ Primer, by Stanley B. Lippman, Josée Lajoie, and arbara E. Moo. Really huge book, 970+ pages. Covers almost everything from the language, updated for C++11. I wouldn't use it as a beginner though.

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The first one is really nice introduction, I picked it up a few months ago to learn the language. Quick read, simple to follow, I really enjoy this book. The second one works as a reference as it goes way more in details and covers a massive amount of stuff!

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