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teh_klev · 2023-03-17 · Original thread
> One is the transparent intergration with COM

I think this is one of the things detractors of VB kinda miss. You could build quite sophisticated software to leverage COM/DCOM without needing to go full C/C++ and IDL.

The place I worked at built software that ran inside Microsoft Transaction Server (latterly COM+) to exploit distributed transactions.

And then there's the really "advanced" stuff you could do in VB as written about by Matthew Curland in his excellent book "Advanced Visual Basic 6: Power Techniques for Everyday Programs"[0]. Armed with a copy of Curland's book and Don Box's "Essential COM" you could be really dangerous :)


teh_klev · 2019-06-24 · Original thread
Matt Curland's "Advanced Visual Basic 6: Power Techniques for Everyday Programs: Hardcore Programming Techniques" was a cracker of a book as well back in the day:

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