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perfunctory · 2018-11-30 · Original thread
Patents must be abolished.

Recommended reading:

steveklabnik · 2011-02-13 · Original thread
Check out this book by two professors from Cambridge:

They've also made it available online, of course.

steveklabnik · 2010-07-18 · Original thread
If you're truly interested in this question, you should read Against Intellectual Monopoly, available for purchase here[0] and reading for free online here[1]. It's written by two professors from Cambridge? It's the most thorough discussion of intellectual property law I've ever read.



crocowhile · 2010-05-18 · Original thread
There's plenty of academic studies now that show that pirating and digital distribution don not hurt economically the developer but only the "middle men". See Boldrin and Levine's "Against Intellectual Monopoly" to have some numbers: Free to download here:

It's time we move away from the stereotype "if people download my stuff, I lose money". Greatest majority of those who download would not be your customers.

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