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mkempe · 2018-02-22 · Original thread
I strongly recommend "Against The Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk" (1996) [1] for a fascinating, historical perspective on people's growing understanding of probability and statistics over the last few millennia.

The author, Peter Bernstein [2], was brilliant and his other works also merit your attention if you are interested in economics and finance.



melling · 2015-10-07 · Original thread
No, they used stochastic to reduce risk and find patterns in the markets.

You prefer the old fashion way?

Aren't startups gambling with other people's money? What's the success rate there? 1 in 100?

henrik_w · 2015-07-17 · Original thread
Ha! Just this morning I was reading about the development of probability theory and risk management in "Against the Gods" by Peter Bernstein [1]. I just finished the chapter on the Bernoullis contributions. Interesting read!


sonabinu · 2012-12-26 · Original thread
There is a great book out there called ' Against the Gods ' by Peter Bernstein. It has the fantastic story of how a lot of mathematical computations are a product of the effort to quantify risk.

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