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markdog12 · 2017-08-25 · Original thread
Have you ever read Ron Chernow bios? I've read Titan (Rockefeller):

and Alexander Hamilton:

Both incredible.

I admit I've never been terribly interested in Grant, maybe I should give him a look. Tough when there's an infinite abundance of great literature. We're truly spoiled.

markdog12 · 2017-07-04 · Original thread
For anyone looking for a good book on Jefferson,

The competition between Jefferson and Hamilton is also detailed in, and it doesn't paint such a great picture of Jefferson. (Alexander Hamilton lived one of the most incredible lives ever. Anyone interested in history needs to read this book)

krishna2 · 2017-02-04 · Original thread
"Hamilton" by Lin Manuel Miranda. This is the story of how the play came to be after his first white house performance.

Here is a short post I wrote a few days back:

Hamilton is an absolutely fantastic musical. An amazing history : probably the most interesting story of a founding-father. It has got everything : rags-to-riches, heroism, fighting, betrayal, sex scandal, .. you name it. The musical is based off of Ron Chernow's door-stop sized biography. Lin Manuel Miranda adapted it to a Broadway play. And if you are like most, you will end up becoming a huge fan of Miranda. The musical won a Pulitzer as well as a lot of Tony's including the best musical. What a beautiful way to tell the story of a founding father with Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B and a bunch of other genres. Mind blown!

If you can get a ticket to the musical, consider yourself lucky and go watch it. I haven't. So ended up doing all the other reading / listening before the musical finale. :)

I got so interested in this that I have now listened to the musical (many times), read all the coverage of it in NY Times (published as a book) and also the book that Miranda himself wrote about the genesis of the show and watched a dozen videos of Lin on youtube.

Here's Lin's first presentation of this idea in a poetry recital at the White House:

The entire musical is available on many streaming services and on youtube too.

The book by Lin Manuel Miranda : Hamilton :

This is the book that covers all articles on NY Times:

A few cool Lin videos:

SNL Monologue:

Freestyle rapping in the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon:

Freestyle with Ellen:

Ron Chernow's book:

[yet to read this massive tome -> saving it up as the finale].

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