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seanstickle · 2015-05-28 · Original thread
One of my favorite books is "Algebraic Models For Accounting Systems" --

Fundamentally this book is about the application of abstract algebra to the analysis of accounting systems.

Add in APL or J (or Haskell if you must) by way of "Algebra: An Algorithmic Treatment" (, and you build a quite rigorous proof-based accounting system.

seanstickle · 2011-03-07 · Original thread
If you have a formal systems bent, as I do, you might enjoy "Algebraic Models for Accounting Systems" (

"This book describes the construction of algebraic models which represent the operations of the double entry accounting system. It gives a novel, comprehensive, proof based treatment of the topic, using such concepts from abstract algebra as automata, digraphs, monoids and quotient structures."

Think of it as a primer for building yourself an exceedingly awesome and utterly-unnecessary Haskell-based QuickBooks.

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