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devnonymous · 2014-11-18 · Original thread
Just a note I thought might be useful. I am a self-taught programmer as well and personally, I found the O'reilly 'Algorithms in a nutshell'[1] book excellent as both a learning resource as well as reference. Also, it is a /much/ smaller book with a '...focus on application, rather than theory...' and /complete/ working code.


jypepin · 2013-09-07 · Original thread
I'm a Devbootcamp alumni, now working in a full time position. Just like you, I wanted to continue my learning and get more knowledge on algorithms, data-structures, and other things DevBootcamp doesn't teach you.

I strongly recommend - Algorithms in a nutshell from O'Reilly (

and - Cracking the Coding interview (

Those two books are perfectly concise and straight to the point to understand and learn exactly what you feel you are lacking as a self-taught programmer.

The first one will teach you what you have to know, putting everything into work context, making it really easy to understand why and how this or that algorithm is useful.

Cracking the coding interview then offers really good challenges to practice and master those algorithms. And of course, if you are interested in getting a job, will perfectly prepare you for that ;)

bmohlenhoff · 2011-09-26 · Original thread

The book was written as a companion to Introduction to Algorithms by CLRS and is comparatively lighter on theory, but still a handy desk reference.

disclaimer: it was written by my undergraduate advisors

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