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SEJeff · 2017-08-15 · Original thread
If you want to learn about Algorithms, you need to buy the entire series on Algorithms from Robert Sedgewick:

I don't think there is a single better source on algorithms than everything from Robert Sedgewick.

SEJeff · 2017-02-15 · Original thread
For anyone wanting to learn algorithms from one of the other heavyweights, not being a C developer, I found this series extremely beneficial:

It also helps that Robert Sedgewick has been in compsci forever (got hit PHC in 1975) and is one of the subject matter experts in algorithms.

marshray · 2012-12-11 · Original thread
I learned from Sedgewick

However, it was a much earlier edition and all the examples are in Pascal. Having to mentally convert the code from 1-based arrays to 0-based like any decent language has been a major pain over the years.

This looks like a C version:

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