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lettergram · 2019-08-19 · Original thread
This appears to be being re-posted because the book is now available on Amazon:

The text used to only be available via a PDF. Highly recommend if you're learning about algorithms, might buy a copy myself just to support Jeff (and add my own notes into the book).

votr · 2016-10-25 · Original thread
I'd say non-programming fundamentals took about two months at about 4-6 hours a day, with the majority of that dedicated to algorithms and data structures.

I took these two OCW courses:

And worked my way through these two books:

I wrote out my solutions on a whiteboard or pen and paper before typing them into a computer.

Outside of A & DS, I spent some time on operating systems and networking in general. A little bit of probability, but no hardcore discrete math.

There are swaths of areas which I now cover at a slower pace as time allows; compilers, AI, etc.

sirodoht · 2015-11-20 · Original thread
Algorithms [1] by Robert Sedgewick is particularly well written.

Also, this one [2] is quite good and concise. I believe better suited for someone who is not unfamiliar with classic algorithms (like you).



MrZipf · 2015-03-16 · Original thread
As an older self-taught engineer who went through interviews last year this is great advice. Other books I found particularly useful were:

Algorithms by Dasgupta, Papadimitriou and Vazirani:

And Elements of Programming Interviews by Aziz, Lee and Prakash:

almost · 2012-11-14 · Original thread
Whoops, seems I posted the mobile link, here's the desktop site link:

And here's the uk one:

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