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ceras · 2021-07-27 · Original thread
From the same author:

- His book on engineering management, An Elegant Puzzle:

- His blog also discusses management:

agentultra · 2021-06-10 · Original thread provides some good content on his Youtube channel helps to understand managing from an engineering perspective

To understand some of the history and context:

A bit dated but still useful book:

Best of all, for surviving at a difficult organization, invest in yourself and get a good therapist. I can't recommend this enough. Burnout is the worst but you can manage if you have solid, professional support to aid you.

vikeri · 2020-07-07 · Original thread
An Elegant Puzzle by Will Larson was very interesting. It's a bit of a handbook and you don't necessarily have to read it cover to cover but instead you can dive into whichever section that is relevant for you at the moment:

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