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akiselev · 2023-05-10 · Original thread
Yes. I can parse them just fine after reading a single book called Introduction to Legal Reasoning [1]. I can also autonomously take notes and keep track of a large context using a combination of short and long term memory despite not having any kind of degree let alone experience or a license to practice law.

How do you think people become lawyers and how smart do you think the average lawyer actually is? The problem is that there's hundreds of thousands if not millions of pages, not that it requires superhuman intelligence to understand.

Even if it were capable of intelligence in the bottom quartile of humanity it would be SO MUCH more useful than it is now because I'd be able run and get something useful out of thousands of models in parallel. As it stands now GPT4 fails miserably at scaling up the kind of reasoning and understanding that even relatively stupid humans are capable of.


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