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lazyeye · 2018-06-29 · Original thread
Probably my most favourite book is "An Island to Oneself" by Tom Neale.

I even visited the Cook Islands because of it. You get a real sense of how wonderful the simple life is without all the complexity of modern life.

I guess Im an islomaniac.

sdrothrock · 2017-11-22 · Original thread
I didn't realize that this was actually a book until digging around a bit more for less garish alternatives:
lazyeye · 2014-08-22 · Original thread
For anyone for whom this story resonated, this book is well worth a read:-

An Island to Oneself

More info on Tom Neale:-

lazyeye · 2013-09-17 · Original thread
Tynan you may not be aware of this but there is actually a word for this. You are an "islomaniac". Highly recommend this book which is a true story about what Id consider to be the ultimate islomaniac:-

An Island To Oneself by Tom Neale

Probably one of my favourite books actually.

alphadevx · 2013-09-05 · Original thread
If you are interested in dessert island life, this is a wonderful read: "An Island to Oneself"

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