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Alex3917 · 2015-12-15 · Original thread
> If you think that SSRIs don't help people then you simply don't understand what a true and chemical despair feels like.

Or you read? If SSRIs are so helpful, then why does the majority of the research suggest that this isn't the case?[1] If you think they are helpful, then the burden of proof is on you to show that the science is incorrect.


ajarmst · 2014-04-04 · Original thread
(1) The NHS still has to buy the drugs, so there is still significant incentive to market them. (2) While British doctors are not paid by their patients, they can be(and are) paid by pharmaceutical manufacturers to run trials, speak at conferences, advocate to other doctors, etc. (A notable, and infamous, example is Wakefield's MMR study, which was performed while he was receiving money for drug company litigants and trying to develop a competing product)Better than the US, but not perfect.

A book I recommended elsewhere in this thread,, does an admirable job of researching the history and results (medical, scholarly, social and financial) of psychological drugs in the US.

Alex3917 · 2010-12-06 · Original thread
Anatomy of an Epidemic:

About how there has been an enormous rise in the rates of mental illness over the last 50 years. And despite the fact that the APA says it's because we've gotten better at diagnosing mental illness, the bulk of the evidence points to the fact that psychiatric drugs are causing diseases that used to mostly get better with time to become both more severe and long lasting.

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