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snikeris · 2016-02-27 · Original thread
This guy had a similar episode and wrote a book about it:

fossuser · 2015-10-10 · Original thread
While this book is only one anecdote with severe extenuating circumstances - it's a pretty good read.

It's also online as part of his blog:

Cthulhu_ · 2015-10-03 · Original thread
To everyone, you should read The Episode (, a series of blog posts by Peter Welch, most famous for his 'Programming Sucks' post, in which he describes his experiences with going completely batshit insane after a week without sleep plus LSD. It's a great piece of one person's experiences with LSD use gone wrong.

edit: actually he's published it as as an ebook too, titled "And Then I Thought I Was A Fish":

drbawb · 2014-06-10 · Original thread
I just finished reading the author's book "And Then I Thought I Was a Fish"[0] where he uses footnotes quite liberally.

I wish Amazon's ebook reader showed the footnotes in margin as his blog does. They weren't even shown on the same page.

Instead you had to follow a hyperlink to the last appendix of the book. You could then read the footnote w/o the original context; then you click a "back button" to get back to the text.

I hope more ebook readers find a use for the gigantic margins on widescreen displays. -- I would've preferred marginalized sidenotes over seeing two pages[1] of content.

[0]: [1]: This is what Amazon's "kindle cloud reader" does when you maximize it on a 1080p display.

oijaf888 · 2013-02-13 · Original thread
Try reading this: for another point of view on LSD and the impact it has.

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