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alonmower · 2021-07-18 · Original thread
If you’re interested in this stuff I definitely recommend checking out ‘Annals of the Former World’ if you haven’t already. I have no geology background but found it utterly riveting

greenyoda · 2021-01-18 · Original thread
John McPhee is an amazing writer. These articles eventually became his book, Assembling California, which in 1998 was republished as part of a collection of his books on geology entitled Annals of the Former World.

pholbrook · 2015-07-26 · Original thread
Said book - Annals of the Former World - is only $5.99 in Kindle form at Amazon. It's far from my favorite work of McPhee's, but $5.99 is quite a bargain.

muerdeme · 2013-09-24 · Original thread
For those interested in learning more about geology, I highly recommend John McPhee's Annals of a Former World [1]. It won a Pulitzer in 1999. Through a series of 5 books written between 1978 and 1998, McPhee weaves together the geological development of North America with highly detailed and beautifully written portraits of the geologists that study various sections of the continent. It touches on both basics of geology and highly detailed accounts of geological events in North America as they were understood at the time.


mjhoy · 2012-11-08 · Original thread
Another great book is _Annals of the Former World_ by John McPhee (at least regarding US geology):

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