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katpas · 2016-09-05 · Original thread
I'd recommend his book. Very short to read and the tone is the same -

One of my favourite books about start-ups but here are a few more -

gatsby · 2012-06-18 · Original thread
His holding company's website gives updates of what he's working on ( In addition, he released a book last summer called 'Anything You Want' (
jseliger · 2012-05-21 · Original thread
I send this as part of my "last e-mail" to students every semester:

This is the post that could but probably won't change your life: "There’s no speed limit. (The lessons that changed my life)" . I say "could," because most of you probably won't click the link; of those of you who do, most of you won't read the whole thing; of those of you who do, most of you won't get it; of those who do, most won't implement it. On the off chance that one out of 50 of you let this change your life, however, I'm sending it. Derek Sivers, who posted "There's no speed limit," also wrote a book called Anything You Want, [1] and reading it is probably one of the best ways you can spend an hour.


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