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jontro · 2020-06-09 · Original thread
I really liked Assembly Language step-by-step.
znpy · 2016-05-15 · Original thread
A very nice book about assembly programming is "Assembly Language Step-by-Step: Programming with Linux, 3rd edition" (

The nice thing about this book is that it guides the reader at understanding how the machine works first, and only then to assembly programming.

The sad thing about this book is that it references 32 bit intel-compatible processors.

My guess is that the original author has grown old and is not interested in producing a fourth edition of such book.

On this matter, I would like to ask: is it worth learning assembly for the x86/32-bit instructions, now that pretty much every computer is built on the amd64 architecture ?

hoodoof · 2015-11-07 · Original thread
I can heartily recommend this book for beginners
aklein · 2011-08-11 · Original thread
This one is decent. Its teaching style is basically "assembly as a first programming language".

lanstein · 2010-06-07 · Original thread

It's kind of a conversational approach to learning Assembly.

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