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pqdbr · 2020-10-27 · Original thread
This works wonders, and I first learnt about this approach in the Atomic Habits book [0]. I highly recommend it. I can list at least ten good daily habits that I have developed after reading the book, like doing 2 sets of pull-ups every morning, not forgetting to take vitamins, reviewing my Anki decks, reading books (a couple of minutes in bed, kindle), making the bed, so on.

[0] (Non affiliated link)

EDIT: just realized that the link that the article links to is the book's author, lol.

abi · 2020-05-26 · Original thread
James Clear's book, Atomic Habits (, is exactly about this. Really small, continuous improvements snowball into something amazing over time. I got a lot of value out of reading it, so thought I'd mention it here.
vira28 · 2019-11-06 · Original thread
Atomic Habits - Certainly, I am building some of the habits which I wanted to create for a while.

bawigga · 2019-03-14 · Original thread
I recently read Atomic Habits and there was a great chapter in there about people with a strong ability to self discipline. It raised the question: are people who have a strong sense of self discipline, better about architecting their environment for success? The would lead to less distractions and more work towards their intended goal.

It's a great book, highly recommend.

James Clear's (the author) blog with a ton of great content:

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