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kazinator · 2019-02-04 · Original thread
I'm reading a book called "じょうぶな子どもをつくる基本食": Joubuna Kodomo-o Tsukuru Kihonshoku. ("Base Diet for making Strong/Healthy Kids").

It's a book about child nutrition that disparages all foreign influences in Japanese eating and encourages everything traditional. Steamed rice, miso soup, tsukemono and so on. Plus various parenting advice around food as well as not.

Non-traditional foods influenced by foreign cultures, in particular Europe and America, are blamed for all sorts of ills and ailments of the skin, bowel and whatnot, not to mention cancer.

Quite entertaining.じょうぶな子どもをつくる基本食-幕内-秀夫/dp/4072292281

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