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dhfromkorea · 2019-06-04 · Original thread
one vote for BDA. For programmers who learn better by implementing things, this book [1] is also good:


This is the "online" (abridged) version of this book:

There's a full version of another good book ("Think Bayes: Bayesian Statistics in Python") available as a PDF from the publisher here:

(related Amazon reviews)

rankam · 2015-09-19 · Original thread
In my opinion, the "for hackers" title is in reference to multiple books that have been released with the "X for hackers" that targets people with hacking skills but do not have a formal background in X.

Machine Learning for Hackers

Design for Hackers

Bayesian Methods for Hackers

EDIT: I'm not the author, but you can find Bayesian Methods for Hackers (free, released by the author) at the link below. I think it's a great resource for anyone wanting to explore Bayesian methods using Python.

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