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akkartik · 2022-08-30 · Original thread
I kinda dislike the premise of your question, but has some good candidates. Chapter 1 for example is a regular expression matcher that appeared on HN recently:
During my undergrad I semi-randomly picked out "Beautiful Code" [0] from our university library. Not sure why it never features in such lists but I thoroughly enjoyed it. :)


kybernetikos · 2019-11-14 · Original thread
I have once already:

I liked it, but I'm not going to be paying for this sort of thing often. I think a lot would hinge on having content that was high quality, and being able to persuade me that it would be high quality before I paid for it might be challenging.

olalonde · 2014-04-11 · Original thread
> How to write English (non-native language)

I suggest writing a blog in English. Practice is probably the best way to learn. There is also if you have specific questions.

> Program well in c in userspare (Currently reading 'The Linux Programming Interface')

In my experience, reading other people's code is the best way to get better at a language. I don't have much experience with C but I guess there are a few projects that would be interesting to read here:

Relevant links:,

> Embedded development (I don't even know where to start that one...)

I am currently learning embedded development (maybe we could help each other?).

erre · 2013-05-08 · Original thread
For those who don't know, this is Rob Pike's chapter of Beautiful Code, a thoroughly enjoyable book: . Every now and then I read a different chapter, and it's always interesting. I particularly liked Rob Pike's one, and the one about Python's dictionary implementation.
deutronium · 2011-11-11 · Original thread
You might be interested in

I believe one of the examples they gave in C was the diff algorithm from Subversion.

lukesandberg · 2011-02-05 · Original thread
Chapter 28 in Beautiful Code ( talks about delta debugging, how it was invented and developed. its really a great chapter in a great book. i can't recommend it enough.
djnym · 2009-10-13 · Original thread
I've heard this book was good It asks 30 different developers for pieces of beautiful code. I read an excerpt or two back when it was released and put it on my to read list. Unfortunately haven't gotten to it yet, but still plan too.
jamii · 2009-04-23 · Original thread
Have a look at the book 'Beautiful code'

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