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andrew_ · 2021-09-10 · Original thread

I lift on the regular, train with a PT that specializes in mobility and strength who works with pro athletes. If I don't adhere to a nightly, consistent stretching regiment before bed that includes a bit of yoga and a number of other key movements, I sleep like poo.

Highly recommend the book; Becoming a Supple Leopard [1]


csnewb · 2018-12-13 · Original thread
I recommend Limber 11 to get started:

Eventually you'll need to fine tune the program according to your needs. Becoming A Supple Leopard is basically the encyclopedia for mobility programs/exercises:

55555 · 2016-07-18 · Original thread
This is almost certainly not truly a physical problem. It is not normal to hurt yourself seriously and repeatedly doing normal physical activity. Do all of your tennis, biking, and swimming buddies end up with serious chronic pain?

You likely have a deeper physiological problem that the physical activity is bringing to the surface.

I can't help though, because I don't have mobility/physical issues and so I don't research it much. My friend who is very smart and has mobility/back issues says that this is the best book on the topic in the world, though:

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