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mmjaa · 2018-10-18 · Original thread
I love it - as a fan of the crackpot Szukalski, seeing real science making similar conclusions to his, just tickles my pickle.

For those who don't know, Szukalski saw these patterns and similarities in ancient art, decades ago - and from this observation, formulated the theory that there was a common language in the civilisations that sprouted up before 'ancient history' - i.e. a pre-history civilisation, lost in a cataclysm, spread its survivors around the globe - who then coded their common language ("Protong!") into cave art and so on.

I really have to wonder if any of the serious researchers have read the book "Behold! The Protong!" by Szukalski, which recounts his investigation into this topic. It'd be somewhat unique - and terrifying (coz: Zermatism) - to hear that Szukalski was really onto something, all those decades ago ..ław_Szukalski

primitur · 2018-04-28 · Original thread
Wow, the more time goes on, the more "Behold!! The Protong!" ( * ) seems to be an accurate assessment of things. He specifically targetted this artifact as an example of evidence that ancient civilizations were a lot more lucid than we thought.

Szukalski had some crack-pot ideas (Zermatism, Protong), but the idea that humans hadn't gotten quite the right perspective on ancient art is one of his most endearing claims.

(* - - a fascinating book, if only for the art lover who wants a perspective not usually proferred by the mainstream..)

fit2rule · 2015-09-17 · Original thread
I'm personally a huge fan of Szukalski and his crackpot art-theories about how, in all ancient art, there is a hidden proto-language which is being used to give us all a dire warning that in fact, every 60,000 years or so, a major deluge occurs, the planet is covered in water, which eventually recedes, but land-lubbers need to reset .. its a total crackpot theory, but if you're interested in great artwork and a wicked read through a highly profound mind, check out the book "BEYHOLD!! THE PROTONG!", Szukalski.

Totally great stuff, had me looking at ancient art again, and I thoroughly enjoy finding Protong absolutely everywhere these days, its madness .. in a good way.

(Not so keen on Zermatism, however, also mind-bending..)

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