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fossuser · 2020-08-22 · Original thread
The Correspondent is such a huge disappointment.

I contributed to the start because they pitched themselves as 'unbreaking news', instead they're just another weak publication writing bad articles with catchy headlines (of which this is a good example).

Persuasion is everything The Correspondent was supposed to be and isn't:

If you want to actually learn more about bitcoin, I'm part way through this and it's really good:

avinassh · 2017-10-01 · Original thread
If you are interested in building one in Golang, here is a good article I read recently - Building Blockchain in Go [0]

Bonus: There is a pretty good Coursera course on the same - Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies [1] and it also has a really good companion book - Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies: A Comprehensive Introduction [2]

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[1] -

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