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hrunt · 2023-06-22 · Original thread
Those who are familiar with US submarine operations would assume this from the start. For an excellent account of the development of US submarine capabilities (including listening and detection), I wholeheartedly recommend the book "Blind Man's Bluff".[0]

How that book hasn't been made into a mini-series is beyond me. The stories and characters are incredible.


bsder · 2022-11-12 · Original thread
> Why would the US care about a PR disaster? It's not like Europe has any choice in the matter at this point.

Because the will of the allied sanction group is strongly dependent upon PR? The EU nations are a fractious group on the best of days. One of the reasons why the support for Ukraine and sanctions for Russia were so swift was the fact that Biden played the PR and intelligence game perfectly.

> What?

What part of my statement is not clear? Putin is worried about assassins. Taking out Putin and taking over Russia can be converted to cash very quickly by turning the pipeline back on even before sanctions get lifted. Blowing up the pipeline prevents any would be assassins from making use of it later. Putin will suffer neither PR backlash (he controls the Russian media) nor diplomatic backlash (he has already been isolated) for blowing up the pipeline.

And I note that you completely ignored the point that the US would do this with subs (and this was what they could do 30+ years ago). See: Blind Man's Bluff--

wantoncl · 2022-06-07 · Original thread
Blind Man's Bluff:

I think it's on par with Skunk Works. Absolutely amazing stories about submarine espionage, stealth fighters but underwater.

nix23 · 2022-02-06 · Original thread
Many politicians WANTED there to be Soviet uboats so they can uphold founding off the army (it's just better when Sweden has the same enemy/fears as the US has).

There i corrected it for you.

>One washed up on some rocks 5 year prior to your quote

Yes that's a fantastic story if you dig a bit deeper:

But sure "that Dude" had no clue ;)


Ahh sorry it's another book..i have to search it, it's a pretty long story and nearly unbelievable but the wikipedia article give a hint about it.

simonblack · 2021-08-24 · Original thread
You should read 'Blind Mans Bluff' - its about US submarines doing exactly that about 30 years ago.

dylan604 · 2020-02-20 · Original thread
We haven't put skids on the bottom of the boats in a really long time either. Doesn't make the stories any less interesting though.

posnet · 2019-05-12 · Original thread
If you found this interesting, I can't recommend Blind Man's Bluff[0] enough.


simonblack · 2018-01-16 · Original thread
You mean like the US nuke subs did 40 years ago?

chinathrow · 2016-07-30 · Original thread
Assume all oceanic cables rigged. The CIA has been doing this for decades.


krschultz · 2013-08-13 · Original thread
It's definitely cool. I left about a year ago to join a startup, but that had more to do with wanting to live in NYC again than the submarine company. Two interesting books: and

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