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dylan604 · 2020-02-20 · Original thread
We haven't put skids on the bottom of the boats in a really long time either. Doesn't make the stories any less interesting though.

posnet · 2019-05-12 · Original thread
If you found this interesting, I can't recommend Blind Man's Bluff[0] enough.


simonblack · 2018-01-16 · Original thread
You mean like the US nuke subs did 40 years ago?

chinathrow · 2016-07-30 · Original thread
Assume all oceanic cables rigged. The CIA has been doing this for decades.


krschultz · 2013-08-13 · Original thread
It's definitely cool. I left about a year ago to join a startup, but that had more to do with wanting to live in NYC again than the submarine company. Two interesting books: and

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