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JoeDaDude · 2019-09-04 · Original thread
I find the theory that it is a game especially intriguing. In ancient times, games were used as divination methods, a way to know the will of the gods [1]. The game theory explains many things, such as the uniqueness of the symbols and the spiral pattern.

Board games, like language, music, and religion, have been created in every culture [2] [3], but physical evidence is very scarce. Written evidence is even more lacking. There are games we know of, but know very little of how they were played or used (e.g.: Senet) [4]. Could the Phaistos disc be a rare piece of physical evidence?

An entire book has been written about the Phaistos disk as board game [5]. I can't speak to the specific theories/guesses made in the book, but the notion that the disc is a game seems very plausible to this casual observer.






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