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dmitri1981 · 2017-08-24 · Original thread
For those interested in more details, I recommend the book . One of my favourite parts includes an investment banker plotting the IPO aboard a private jet only to learn that the company does not exist as a legal entity yet.
petercooper · 2012-07-22 · Original thread
It's not a movie but I'd definitely recommend the book about the fiasco: .. I believe it was Europe's biggest dot com era implosion and you can almost see why from page one. An enjoyable read.
arethuza · 2011-04-30 · Original thread was pretty impressive - $188 million in six months and all lovingly documented by their co-founder in CEO in a fairly unapologetic book:

petercooper · 2010-12-29 · Original thread
As an aside, (and apologies if you've read it) "Boo Hoo", the corporate biography of's rise and fall, makes for both hilarious and scary reading:

Their technical people did pull off some great feats but ultimately it was a shambles from start to finish.

cubicle67 · 2010-09-12 · Original thread
If you can find it, there's an excellent book on the Boo story; boo hoo

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