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dudurocha · 2011-12-27 · Original thread
Nice thread! My favorite books this year were:

The power of Less: . It discuss how you can simplify your life. It give many practical advices, and is good for all kinds of people. The message in the book is " be aware and simplify".

Brilliant, Crazy, Cocky. By Sarah Lacy, former writer fo techcrunch. It show how the entrepreneurship and startups are going around the world. As a brazilian reader, I find the picture of brazil very accurate, so the rest of the world must be accurate too. It's a good resource for anyone wanting to understand and know the startup community in countries like India, China, Brazil, Indonesia and others.

If you want to write, by brenda Ueland , It's a nice book about the craftsmanship of writing. It's a bit 'philosophic' book, but also give a little practical advice. It's and old book, don't be amazed when it refer to the typewriter. And it's very cheap, only 3,99.

And to finish, time warrior, by steve chandler. If you want a book to beat procrastination, and other modern plagues, this is the book. very practical advice, the book has more then 100 tips. Every should read it.

Thats my favorite books of this year, apart of the ones everyone has talked about, like Steve Jobs bio, Lean Startup, and others startup world books.

peteforde · 2011-07-14 · Original thread
You're speaking to where we want to see all of this go.

There's no easy answers, but you might want to check out:

I have also ordered Sarah Lacy's new book, about info entrepreneurs in the developing world:

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