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sitkack · 2015-02-22 · Original thread
Thank you! I have been looking for this book, I thumbed through a copy in a lab I visited.

Another excellent book in the same vein is, "Building Scientific Apparatus" - the second edition can be had for a song.

tomkinstinch · 2012-08-27 · Original thread
For spectroscopy, I'd go to the online handbook put out by Richardson Gratings:

For a textbook, this one is pretty good:

For optics, Hecht is the classic text:

I'd suggest Keating though, since it is a more comprehensive overview and includes things like the human visual system and some basic math review:

For instrument design in general, these books are outstanding:

Of course, any understanding of spectroscopy should include some background of the physics behind what you're measuring. Any modern physics book would be fine: Krane, etc.:

Haven't tried this one, but it looks cool:

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