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RyanShook · 2021-01-28 · Original thread
Love that story. It's told in more detail along with other stories like it in Business Adventures by John Brooks -
Pandabob · 2019-12-07 · Original thread
> Examining the lives of successful entrepreneurs teaches us very little. We would do far better to analyze the causes of failure, then act accordingly. Even better would be learning from both failures and successes.

Any recommendations (books, blogs etc.) on material that actually does this? The one business book that comes to mind is "Business Adventures" by John Brooks [1], which ironically might be as popular as it is because it's one of Bill Gates' favourite business books.


yellowstuff · 2017-03-27 · Original thread
From about 1870 to the 1960s stock quotes were communicated using stock tickers that communicated over telegraph lines and printed thin strips of paper.

The system worked well until the 1960s when the volume of trading on busy days overwhelmed the system, sometimes delaying the quotes for hours. There had been plans to build a computer network already, but the data outages made it an urgent issue.

The classic book Business Adventures has a chapter on the chaos sowed by the failure of ticker tape.

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